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In-depth personal tuition, lecture notes, testing equiptment, charts, exams

Course Communication

Students have access to forums where they can have group discussions and ask tutors questions.


On completion, having passed the exam, you will receive a diploma in BioKinesiology.

BioKinesiology Overview

A new kind of kinesiology training is being offered in Ireland, with the emphasis on biochemistry and nutrition.

BioKinesiology was established by Elma Murphy and Pippa O’Gorman to address the growing demand from people who wish to train in kinesiology with an emphasis on nutrition.

BioKinesiology focuses on non-communicable pathologies and conditions affecting many people today, and uses traditional Kinesiology muscle testing techniques to determine the causes.

Students will learn how to recognise common conditions, understand potential causative factors and identify what is relevant to their individual client through muscle testing. They will then learn how to support their clients holistically using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle techniques.

We look in detail at the following:

  • Muscle Testing
  • Meridian System
  • Body Types
  • 4R Programme
  • Anatomy of the digestive system
  • See 'About the Course' for more

What students say about the course

Course Details

One year course

With the course running every few weeks you can complete the course in the academic year, i.e. ten months from early September to May.

Every third weekend (approx)

The course runs approximately every third weekend, taking into account Christmas, Easter and bank holiday weekends when there may be a short break of two weeks or a long break of four weeks.

Conveniently near the M50

The course is run in the Clayton Hotel, Stockhole Lane, Clonshagh, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 X35H5. (2 minutes off the M50)

Common Health Problems

Digestive conditions

Students will learn how to improve the health of those suffering from digestive conditions, identifying food intolerances and improving gut microbiomes, and in the process help relieve other symptoms such as skin conditions, mood issues and headaches.

Pains and Aches

Students will learn how to identify the cause of aches and pains in different parts of the body and offer support through both diet and nutrition.  Muscle testing can indicate which remedies may be required.


Students will learn how to support people suffering with toxin problems by strengthening liver function and improving the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome.

Emotional issues

Emotional issues may arise from stress, anxiety, depression, past trauma or injury. Through BioKinesiology and targeted nutrition, we can provide support for the endocrine system and for the mental health of the client.

Why Choose Us?

30 Years Experience

Elma and Pippa have 30 years of Kinesiology between them and frequently attend Biochemistry Kinesiology seminars in the UK. Both run their own clinics during the week and run the course themselves.

Great paced course

In an easy location meeting approximately every third weekend.

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