What is BioKinesiology

BioKinesiology focuses on noncommunicable pathologies and conditions affecting many people in society today and uses traditional muscle testing techniques to determine the cause of these conditions. Using functional biochemistry with muscle testing, we tap into the various pathways of the physiological body, such as glucose conversion to energy, liver detoxification, hormonal function, and many more (See list under Course Details).

Students will learn how to recognise common conditions, understand potential causative factors and identify what is relevant to their individual client through muscle testing. They will then learn how to support their clients holistically using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle techniques.

Many conditions are caused as a result of an emotional trauma or long-term stress, and this area will also be covered so that every aspect can be treated.

What is Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes relating to living organisms. Biochemistry has become so successful at explaining living processes that almost all areas of life sciences are now engaged in biochemistry research. The main focus of pure biochemistry is on understanding how biological molecules give rise to the processes that occur within living cells, which relate to the study and understanding of tissues, organs and organisms.

In BioKinesiology we teach a simplified version of the biochemistry pathways of the body so there is no requirement for a prior knowledge of biochemistry.

Meet Your Instructors

Elma Murphy
Founder / Instructor

Pippa O’Gorman
Founder / Instructor

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