Some quotes from the BioKinesiology graduates class of 2017/2018:

  • “Thank you both, it has been an amazing experience, I’m so sad it’s over”
  • “Thank you both so much for all your time, knowledge, patience and love”
  • “You have taught us more than you will ever know”
  • “Thank you so much for the incredible experience and opportunity to learn from the best”
  • “It has been such a brilliant course”
  • “Thank you so much for changing my life, you are the most incredible women I know”
  • “I feel so privileged to have been part of your class”
  • “I have enjoyed the course more than I could ever have imagined”
  • “It has been a life changing course for me”
  • “Thank you for an incredible year of learning, revelation and inspiration”
  • “Thank you for your time, knowledge and patience…it was fun!”

I spent a good ten years with horrible IBS symptoms. I saw homeopaths, naturopaths and complimentary doctors and never got well for long. One trip to Pippa and she found the culprit (Mercury) and got rid of it and no more stomach issues. This surprised and excited me so much that I looked into studying kinesiology straightaway. I soon realized that not all courses are equal. When Pippa revealed that herself and Elma were teaching a course on BioKinesiology I was in! I have loved every minute.

A class full of eager, intelligent, inquisitive women learning from the best Ireland have to offer. Every day with them is stacked full of knowledge, insight and practical tips. They are committed to creating kinesiologists that care about their patients and take a practical, scientific approach to improving their health. At forty, I am very excited about my new career:)

Sarah Walsh

I do not say this lightly, but this course has literally changed my life. I am over 12 years training people in my speciality (beauty industry) this has lead me to attend countless courses and seminars I have not as yet attended a course so professional, tailored and life changing as BioKinesiology. I feel honoured and blessed to be trained by two of the finest minds in Ireland. The tutors genuinely care that we not only understand and comprehend what they are teaching but encourage us be better, ask questions and think outside the box. The consistently check in with students to see if the pace is appropriate. They indeed work us hard and push us but this is the very challenge that drives me.

The course is well thought of, informative, professional and quite simply the most educational experience I have had to date. The ladies offer different types of experience, with different areas of specialities. I genuinely believe I will leave equipped with the tools and skills to start a new career and hopefully a successful one. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Elaine Shanahan

Kinesiology had made such a difference to my life as well as my son’s life after experiencing ill health for over a year, conventional medicine just didn’t have the answers. The change we felt after 2 sessions of kinesiology made me want to find out more and learn this amazing therapy. I started to research courses and this one stood out over all the rest. Communication between the tutors was fast and friendly, all information I had asked for was supplied freely. I have now only 3 more weekends left of the course and can’t believe how much we have been taught since the first day back in Sept 2017.

Elma and Pippa are both lovely ladies, nothing is ever too much trouble. If there is something we don’t grasp first time, they will explain it again and work through it until everyone knows what they are doing. They both want us to be great practitioners and make sure we are working at their great standards. Their wealth of knowledge is truly amazing and they love to share it with us. The course content is written in an easy to understand manner and in-depth enough to give a good understanding.

After every class I go home in amazement with the new techniques I have been taught. Most of the time in class we spend workshopping and practising hands-on with reading through some theory. I have made such a difference to some of my reflexology clients and friends who I have been using as case studies, who have been suffering with problems for a while and my techniques have helped them, this is so rewarding! This course does require you to set time aside at home to read and learn your notes, practise your techniques and do case studies. Everyone in the class is lovely, we do have great fun and learn from each other. I have been truly blessed to have been accepted onto this course and look forward to helping my clients, family & friends in the future.

The power of BioKinesiology is AMAZING!

Rachel Greer

If you are looking for a course in Kinesiology that will give you the knowledge and skills to treat clients effectively you have found it! The course has been designed by Elma and Pippa to give you the knowledge, techniques and tools to treat most problems that people present with. At the end of the course you will have everything you need to get to the root cause of your clients health issues and give advice on nutritional and lifestyle changes that will restore their health. The course includes all the test kits you will need and the know-how on how to use them.

Elma and Pippa have carefully selected their most useful treatment protocols and will share their vast knowledge with you. This is a distillation of the experience and knowledge built up by them, over a combined 25 years, in their busy practices. You will be required to study and practise but you will never be left behind. Treatment protocols are workshopped until everyone has understood. Elma and Pippa aim to train the best Kinesiologists in Ireland! Listen to them, learn from them and that is what you will be after this course.

Olive Grogan

Completing the BioKinesiology diploma with Elma and Pippa is the best investment I have ever made. Having paid for other qualifications in the area of kinesiology, I can safely say this course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to really help clients competently. No stone is left unturned and I am now treating clients and making a real difference to their lives. My kinesiology practice is growing by the week and it is thanks to this course I feel competent.

It is so well laid out, Pippa is an expert in terms of anatomy, physiology and nutrition, and there are very few, if any, questions left unanswered. Elma brings amazing experience in terms of treating clients through biochemistry testing and always has advice on what to try for different symptoms and cases. Her support and expertise is second to none and I feel so privileged to have been accepted on to this course. I cannot express how amazing it is in a short paragraph. Thank you Elma and Pippa.

Maeve Sherlock

This has without doubt been the most informative and rewarding course I have yet undertaken. The carefully thought out content, delivered with such passion and enthusiasm by Elma Murphy and Pippa O’Gorman, is packed full of wisdom, insight and knowledge gleaned over years of experience and extensive research. I was hooked from the start.

This course is at once fascinating and challenging – it gives any potential kinesiologist the confidence, skills and knowledge to become a competent and professional BioKinesiologist.

What any student puts into this course, they will get out it – and more. Elma and Pippa have created a very positive and inclusive learning environment throughout and that makes this a course well worth embarking on. I highly recommend it.

Aoife Callan

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